About Us

We love the South, The Tennessee Vols,

Traveling through BBQ country - our home state of Tennessee - you discover BBQ treasures: family-friendly eateries with a down-home feel, usually decorated with Tennessee Volunteers memorabilia and pride (like Tennesseasonings is), these diners are staffed with servers who pride themselves on their southern hospitality, and most importantly, they serve flavors of authentic BBQ w/ all the southern fixin's, This is the kind of food that BBQ pilgrims travel many miles to find and find it they do in Tennessee. We wanted to bring that same taste of Tennessee flavor, family values, and friendliness to our neighborhood and that's the business we've opened in Las Vegas. Our BBQ is the best in Tennessee - and that's sayin' something - and now Las Vegas can have a taste of down-home flavor served by our family.

In the Southeast, you can tell which neck of the woods you're in by the flavor of the BBQ. Those smoky, vinegary or peppery flavors are as reliable as a map when it comes to marking regional flavor boundaries. With us, like all smokers, it's a point of pride for us to honor the family recipes and methods that flavor our East Tennessee BBQ so distinctly. Since East Tennessee boasts North and South Carolina as well as Georgia and Alabama as neighbors, our BBQ blends the best of these regions to create that distinct East Tennessee flavor. Most importantly, we use hand pulled pork... it's king in East TN.

"Lord I swear, the perfume you wear was made out of turnip greens. And every time I kiss you girl it tastes like pork and beans."

~ The Rolling Stones  

What the people are sayin'...

Just opened up, tried the ribs, pulled pork, mac and cheese, and cole slaw. Ribs were tender, flavorful  and just fell off the bone. The pulled pork was tender- really good, home style mac and cheese and fresh cole slaw. this is right around the corner from my home, I am sure this will be a weekly visit for me. Great owners  and really fun atmosphere and great Deco!!!!”

~ Ginger S.

The BBQ was from @Tennesseasoning and it was *oprah voice* amaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiing!!!

~ Magna B.